"Sorry, I must have missed that, I don’t watch the news"

I used to watch the news in the evening and read newspapers because I wanted to be up to date on current affairs so that I could engage in conversation with my clients and remain relevant. 

Now I think that is ridiculous attitude and I haven't done it for ages. Why? 

To me, the news is the subjective opinion of someone I don't know - usually with some kind of agenda - telling me what may or may not have happened, based on their experience of the pertinent subject, after adding their own biased perspective. In other words, it's gossip. 

I have also come to realise how much of a negative spin the news and media has on the stories they tell and the readers they impact. Pick up a newspaper today and try and find any headlines with positive words in it. It is filled with “Fear”, “Loss”, “Danger”, “Misery”... there’s never anything positive. 

I am ever the optimist by nature. I don’t have time for constant pessimism. The media, by its very nature, drives fear, uncertainty and pessimism into the masses. I think it’s a poisonous thing to follow and certainly not anything that I wish for my beliefs and views to be based upon or influenced by. 

Take a few of my favourite headlines picked out in recent weeks and months… 

  • “The Queen Backs Brexit” - Does she? How does The Sun know? So what anyway, is she not allowed? 
  • “120,000 Will Die By 2020” - Yes, this is life, people die. In fact, a lot more than that will have met their demise by 2020, unfortunately. 
  • “RIP” – I’m certainly not one who would ever want to disrespect those that have passed on, but the media do love to celebrate a death. Why not focus on celebrating life instead? 
  • “The world is bleak and full of misery” - They've never been to Florianópolis in Brazil then.  
  • "Equities expected to fall" - Ahhhh someone must have intercepted that crystal ball I ordered when I was 15. 


Where’s the news about the fact that AIDS related deaths have decreased by over 50% in the last 10 years. What about the fact that the famine in Africa impacts over 100 times less people than it did in the 70s. The advance of humans in recent years is unreal. I am not saying that bad, awful & inhumane things do not occur. I am just saying that the media loves to fear monger and I ain't got time for it. 

Here’s some more headlines from mid-late 2008 during the “Credit Crunch” & “Financial Crisis” that “rocked the world”...

  • Lehman Shock Hits The World
  • Wall Street In Panic As Stocks Crash
  • Biggest Point Drop Ever for DOW
  • London Stock Exchange In Disarray
  • Stock Markets Crash for RECORD BREAKING 3rd Day


People would have been close to suicide and depression during this period and the press jump on it with words like “Shock”, “Disarray” and “Crash”. Some 11 years later and once again, that temporary decline was nothing more than a moment in the cyclical nature of capitalist stock markets, as we sit well over 100% in returns since then. 

A lot of people would have a lot more money now if the media had released real news, based on facts and evidence rather than simply trying to scare everyone into buying their newspapers.

If I had my way, Eelah News Corp. headlines would have actually read something like the following:

  • Markets face temporary decline, but no one should fret
  • Difficult times indeed, but stay strong and stick the course
  • Don’t panic and sell your investments guys, markets will bounce back
  • The idiots that have caused this mess will get punished and be found out, those smart ones amongst us needn’t worry
  • Continue to invest in your health, in your loved ones and in yourself, and that will get you through anything


And so on. You get my point.

Alfie Mullan, June 2019

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