Never look down on anyone, unless you’re admiring their shoes

Three simple reasons why you should never look down on anyone (unless you’re admiring their shoes, of course):

  1. Because if you think for one second that you’re better, more important or somehow superior to somebody, then you’re almost certainly wrong and are on a slippery slope to an extremely miserable and unfulfilled existence. No one is below you, everyone has something special to offer. Be nice to people, it’s surprisingly rewarding and makes both parties feel good. A legitimate twofer!
  2. The floor is usually dirty, strewn with rubbish and the pavement or road is almost always in need of repair. Look up. You see faces, you see the sky, you see life, you see everything. Life is beautiful.
  3. If you look down you get a sore neck. Keep a good posture, head and back straight, engage your core.


P.S Someone looked down at me the other day and guess what, I was rocking a brand spanking new pair of Nike Blazer Mid Tops. So I win and the joke’s on the other guy. The loser.


Alfie Mullan, May 2019

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