Burying your head in the sand works… 

I believe that you can get away fairly well in most aspects of life by burying your head in the sand and simply ignoring certain things that need addressing. Why? Well, I have seen people do it. 

I see this a lot with entrepreneurs and business owners when it comes to many things in relation to personal finance. They very much adopt the attitude of, “I will earn my way out of this” when thinking about amassing debt or spending more than they earn. 

It is also, “My business is my pension” when it comes to saving or investing for their unknown future. 

This isn’t all though, I have also seen it in relationships with friends and family, who ignore the fact that they’re falling out of love or that they don’t get on so well any more. They just bumble along with their heads firmly buried in the sand, cos it’s easier. 

Then there are people who spend a lifetime working for ‘the man’, earning good money and being challenged daily, but ultimately feeling miserable and unfulfilled. And yet, because the money is good and the commute is easy, it’s easier to bury your head in the sand and just keep going. 

These examples, and others, do sometimes actually work. You can earn your way out of debt, you can make your business your pension, you can exist in a slightly imperfect relationship and you can become wealthy by burying your head in the sand and ploughing on. 

However, when all is said and done, would you look back at your life with regrets? If the answer is not an emphatic no, well then there is an alternative way. If you are courageous enough, you can go through some short term pain and come back out the other side much stronger.

Be that investing time and money to get your personal finances in order, be that breaking up with someone with whom you have 2 kids, a mortgage and lots of mutual friends, or be that quitting your well paid job, having to retrain for 2 years in something you love and change your lifestyle in the interim.

You will almost ALWAYS come out the other side in a better place and at a higher level than if you had simply continued to bury your head in the sand. 

Yes, burying your head in the sand can work for certain people in certain circumstances and the eventual outcome can sometimes be reasonably good. But this is not the norm and the likelihood is slim. Addressing the issues, and at the earliest possible opportunity, will inevitably bring the happiest and most positive results.

Short-term pain for long-term gain is what is, and has always been, understood by those at the very top. 


Alfie Mullan, May 2019

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