If you don’t know what is most important, then nothing is important at all

If you are unable to express, discuss or explain, what is of utmost importance to you at any one moment, then I believe that nothing is important to you at all.

We live in a hierarchical society, like it or not. This is borne out of our very natural human instinct to put things in order. Evidence exists of humans prioritising or choosing what is most important to them, going back tens of thousands of years.

If you cannot decide what is most important to you, then you are what I call a 40 percenter. You may have many things on your to-do list, you may have lots of friends all over the world, you may have many exciting business ideas and aspirations, and you may also have tons of things on your bucket list.

This doesn’t sound so bad on the face of it: busy, popular, adventurous, entrepreneurial. However, this type of person will only ever complete, achieve or win 40% of the time, simply because they have not articulated or prioritised what is MOST important, therefore significantly reducing their aim and drive because they are lacking focus.

Being a 40 percenter is bad and can be resolved by answering one or many of the following questions… What is most important to me? What one task am I going to focus on today? What single person am I going to give my undivided attention to? What is my priority?

Re-focus a 40 percenter to get them thinking like this and they will be significantly closer to becoming a 100 percenter. They know what is most important, they know what their single aim for the day, week or year is, they know their very best friends and they know exactly which place or adventure they don’t want to miss out on next. These guys are 100 percenters and they feckin’ rock.

As Bruce Lee famously quoted “I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”

What is most important to you? Not second, third or fourth? Uncover what is most important to you and give it your all. It will never be a 100% success otherwise.

Because if you don’t know what is most important, then that suggests to me that nothing is really important at all.


Alfie Mullan, May 2019

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