I think I have a problem

"Thinking for yourself is still a radical act" ~ Nancy Kline

I am yet to meet someone who’s current painful problem, financial or otherwise, isn’t the very same person who has the right solution. It’s often the ONLY solution that will actually make a difference. 

In our coaching with clients, we follow the model by the excellent Nancy Kline, which is explained and taught in her book Time to Think. She believes that giving someone the power to think is the most liberating coaching technique of all. 

It’s hard. It really is tough. It requires deep listening and attention skills from the coach (along with many other components of what is called a ‘Thinking Partnership’), as well as a lot of courage from the client. But, given the right space and Time to Think, the results can be magical. 

Here’s a quote from the great lady herself...

"The human MIND seems to work best in the presence of reality. The brain that contains the problem probably also contains the solution. IF the conditions are right, the huge intelligence of the human being surfaces. IDEAS seem to come from nowhere & sometimes STUN US." ~ Nancy Kline

If you have a problem, then we believe that you also have the solution. After all, that same mind, which has the enormous capacity to store all of this information, and the ability to subsequently twist various elements of it into problems for us, is certainly powerful enough to come up with solutions too. It just sometimes needs a little manipulation, refocusing or opening up. The person sat right next to you may be experiencing the exact same “problem” as you, but for them it’s not deemed to be a problem at all. 

You sometimes just need someone who is prepared and willing enough to listen (truly listen), to ask the right, incisive question and to encourage you to ‘Think’. 

If you aren’t able to uncover that solution and the problem is causing more and more pain or anxiety, particularly if it’s financial, then we can really help.

What problems are you having? Let us know.  

Alfie Mullan, May 2019

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