What to do if you get pretty rich, pretty fast? 

  1. Don’ts - Part 1: COMPLETE
  2. Do’s  - Part 2: COMPLETE
  3. Dealing with your Emotions - Part 3: COMPLETE
  4. Drafting in the Pros


Part 4: Drafting in the Professionals

This might seem like an obvious thing to recommend when this is the nature of our business but even if someone chose not to work with Eelah at this point, we would strongly recommend they worked with another Financial Planner, and other sudden-money professionals, such is the importance of professional support.
Even global experts in our field employ their own financial planners and/or coaches because it is nigh on impossible to be objective when it comes to dealing with your own money and life.
Especially when in a highly emotional state, as we alluded to last week, as a direct result of getting pretty rich, pretty fast.
Drafting in professional coaches is for anyone who wants to excel. 

For example, think of all the world’s top athletes. Let’s pick on Mo Farah, one of the best long-distance runners that has ever lived. Are his achievements solely down to his own natural ability and drive to be the best? 

Maybe 60% of it, or heck, possibly even 90% but at the elite level, it’s those extra few percentage points that make all the difference and they can be teased out by the team around him who help to elevate him to greatness.
He has dietitians, personal trainers, running technique specialists, psychologists, a personal assistant, a manager and so on. He has a whole entourage of professionals who help him remain at the elite level and be, well, professional himself.
We believe that to become a professional yourself, in the arena of being truly wealthy, and maintaining lifelong financial independence (and more) -particularly when you’ve got pretty rich, pretty fast - you need a team of professionals around you. To support, elevate, inspire, guide, advise and help you on your journey to greatness.
A big part of the role a Financial Planner plays in a pretty rich, pretty fast scenario - beyond the obvious expertise of managing the assets - is helping you uncover the life that you really, really, really want, then utilising your wealth to make damn sure you attain it. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of this.

Other key professionals who can add unquestionable value are therapists, business coaches, accountants, lawyers, concierge services and so on. There will be more about some of the other professionals we use and collaborate with in future posts. 

Jo and I have both visited therapists in the past and one thing I would definitely say is that the impact it can have, enabling you to look back on your life, assessing and unpicking some of the knots, is invaluable. And yet there is still a taboo about having therapy, as if it’s admitting some sort of weakness and only for people with real and obvious problems. 

My view is that we all have weaknesses; none of us are made of stone. We’re made up of lots of emotions and feelings, formed by a unique lifetime of experiences and lessons. Having someone that can help you understand your past better will help you spring forward to a better future, no matter the starting point. 
Hope that has been helpful all. Four-part series eh… Netflix are on hold. 

Alfie Mullan, April 2019

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