You talkin’ to me?

Let's be honest.

Talking about money can be boring, dry and potentially quite daunting. Tax is complicated, pensions are dull, and saving for a rainy day is the opposite of living-for-the-moment fun. 

But most of us agree that getting our financial houses in order is a necessary part of life. At least, it should be for those of us who have big ambitions for it.

But what if we told you that the process itself could actually be enlightening, cathartic, and even enjoyable?

You may be going to see a Financial Planner about the exit of your business or the need to make a Plan B in case that exit doesn't quite come off as planned. But a good planner will want to know the bigger picture so, in the initial meeting at least, they probably won’t ask you much, if anything, about your current finances. In our experience, you won’t be asked to dig out any paperwork, or to prepare anything beforehand.

A decent Financial Planner wants to find out what you really, really, really want from life – what your real goals and aspirations are – so they can help plan yours and your businesses finances to help you achieve them.

This means they’ll ask questions about you, your future, what you care about and where you see it all going. Some of these questions will be challenging, but also thought-provoking and the answers are always enlightening; often as much for you as for the questioner, because they are fashioned to dig deep into your psyche and to uncover hidden nuggets of information that even you might not have been aware of. And this is what makes it interesting…

To give you an idea, here is some insight into some of the initial questions we might ask you.

Straight off the bat, we might be chucking something at you like... “If we were sitting here 3 years from today, what would have to have happened in that time both personally and professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?”

This helps us focus on real, tangible outcomes or desires you might have in the short term, allowing us to focus on quick wins and small changes that immediately realign you to where you want to be in just 3 years.

Next, we'll throw this bad boy at you... “What is it about money that’s important to you?”. This can go anywhere, but we believe that until we understand this, we’re not as qualified to be able to say what we think you should and shouldn’t be doing with your money. Understanding what it is all about for you is fundamental.

Another example of a key question that always gives us loads of interesting insight about your life is... “What was money like for you growing up?” or “What’s your earliest memory of money?”. This question is great and shows us the importance of influences we have growing up, and how habits or behaviours that we are taught as kids, good or bad, can really stay with us in adulthood. Understanding this better is the best way to start uncovering and changing those behaviours, for the better.

What are your answers to these questions? This is just scratching the surface for the level of depth we go into to understand what our clients really want their lives to be like.

Come get involved if you think you’re (emotionally) hard enough.


Alfie Mullan, March 2019

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