My 5 biggest content influences

I’ve been asked who has influenced my work to date, specifically these blogs and the general content we’ve been producing. Some even ask if it actually me who writes them...   

I’m lucky enough in a day and age of social media, Audible, podcasts, YouTube, TV etc. to have so many sources of content right at my finger tips. I take inspiration and am heavily influenced by many people I come across. Most who have been doing this a lot longer and a whole lot better than I.    

To date, lots of people have helped me, and I’ve also referred to and used content, research and the thoughts of many great people.  

But these are the top 5, at the time of writing, who have most influenced and/or aided my blogs and general content so far… 

Seth Godin (pictured) - The God(in) father of content. This guy puts out a daily blog. Literally between 3 lines and 20 paragraphs, every single day. He emails them to you and I’ve yet to come across one that hasn’t made me think. Knowing the time and effort that goes into keeping up a weekly blog or delivery of content, I, for one, appreciate that doing one every day, even Christmas Day, and making them all thought-provoking and relevant, is simply incredible. He is on top of his game and a marketing genius. I recommend his latest book This Is Marketing.  

James Clear - James is a habit coach who produces weekly blogs about making incremental changes to your life and encouraging people to turn certain behaviours into habits. He talks about all sorts of habits that can help you become fitter, smarter, healthier and generally a better person. The biggest direct influence he had on me was to make me start reading more. Instead of saying ‘I am going to read a book every week’, I started small. I just implemented an ‘I will read for 10 minutes a morning when I am drinking my coffee’ policy, and now I am reading/listening to more than ever. His book Atomic Habits is something I have already recommended, a few weeks back.   

Andy Hart - founder of the Maven Adviser and the Maven Money Podcast - which I was lucky enough to be a guest on recently. Andy is a Financial Planner, like me, and a leading light in our profession. His weekly podcasts not only influence and guide the public to better financial behaviours, but also give me and fellow money professionals so much relevant and interesting content that we could quite literally become a masters in what we do by emulating him. Not the original podcast genius, but definitely the most disruptive, and I particularly love how he is so openly influenced by many others who he claims to be wiser than him - reinterpreting other people’s great work in his own, unique and intelligent style.   

Gary Vee - Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media etc. is a billionaire Entrepreneur from New York who became famous for making videos originally about fine wine. He’s an incredibly talented guy, masterful speaker and all round business influencer. He releases daily Vlogs with advice around business, entrepreneurship and life. Similar to Andy Hart, he’s a bit "marmite" (he can be polarising), but is still definitely someone I suggest you all check out. His book Jab, Jab Jab, Right-Hook is an essential read.   

Carl Richards - Carl is a former financial planner from Utah who hit fame in our profession when he started releasing simple drawings - with his infamous sharpie - to explain complex financial planning concepts. He started producing and issuing these drawings and it led to 2 fantastic books, The One Page Financial Plan, in particular, I recommend everyone read. Carl is now a full-time producer of content having sold his financial planning business to pursue this side of his career. Carl needs a special mention as I actually met him last summer and he gave me the confidence I needed to go ahead and start putting my content out to the world and for that, I will be forever grateful. 

I’d suggest that anyone follows or takes on board any of these guys’ content. You won’t regret the wisdom that prevails.


Alfie Mullan, February 2019

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