The Defiant Ones

“Something you can’t spend no amount of money to create; culture”, The Defiant Ones, Netflix.  

I recently watched The Defiant Ones, a four part docu-series on Netflix about the rise of Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre. These two talented innovators who came from nothing, Jimmy from an Italian working class family in Brooklyn and Dre from the hood of Compton, LA, went on to sell their global headphone brand, Beats by Dre, to Apple for over $3 billion (need a financial adviser guys?).

If you think that is all they achieved, well, watch it and you’ll see that this is really only the cherry on top of two incredible lifetimes of success.

To anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, business and music, as I am, then I highly recommend putting aside some time to watch this show. There are so many lessons to be learnt from their journey. The highs and lows, the breakthroughs and the shutdowns, the trials and tribulations.

So, why am I bringing this to the table today? Well, it is really the name, ‘Defiant’ that has piqued my interest. I love the idea of going against the grain, challenging the status quo and putting it all on the line. Not with my money though, just my thoughts, my time and my creativity.

As any client of Eelah knows, we don’t take unnecessary risks with the core of your money, we make sure that is invested correctly for many decades to come. But, we will always push our clients to be defiant in their own achievements in work, business and family life.

Throughout this series, I was in awe of two genius creators who worked so hard to innovate and create their own legacy. Dr Dre has been a huge influence on my musical life for many years and as a huge hip-hop fan, everything he touched musically, for me, turned to gold and I have always admired his achievements.

I cannot imagine selling something that I have created for £30,000 let alone £3 billion, but never say never.

Go watch it and get inspired.


Alfie Mullan, January 2019

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