Having a dog is 5 times more likely to make you a millionaire

This is a completely made-up statement. I scoured the internet for hours trying to find some research to back it up but, unfortunately, I drew a blank.

However, I’m going to roll with it as gospel. Why? Because I love dogs and one day, I guess, it would be nice to be a millionaire.

Everyone knows that a dog is a man's best friend. I grew up with German Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks and every one of our dogs has been the life centre of the family. The heading picture of this blog was taken in 2009 of the boys, Hudson and Baxter, who are both sadly no longer with us, but who were very much a part of our family for over 10 hugely important and influential years.

But why do I believe having a dog is 5 times more likely to make you a millionaire? I have 5 killer reasons as follows. Come at me bro…

  1. Dogs are good for business - dogs definitely aren't bad for business, are they? You may have a few clients, customers, employees or potential partners who don’t like dogs… but we all know you cannot trust someone who doesn’t like dogs. Just like, conversely, how we can totally trust dogs when they don’t like someone.
  2. Dogs make you happy - okay there is plenty of research out there that suggests dogs make humans happy and also plenty of research that proves happy business owners or influencers make for the best business men and women. So no one can argue with this.
  3. Dogs show you deep loyalty that will never be replicated elsewhere - loyalty is imperative in life and business. Without it, you have no centre or sense of belonging. Dogs teach you the art of loyalty beyond any level that most humans can even describe, let alone portray.
  4. Dogs keep you disciplined - they are hard work; you have to walk them twice a day, feed them on time and keep them groomed, clean and healthy. It adds an element of discipline to your day, so you can’t just swan around thinking of number one.
  5. Dogs can bring you back from the brink of despair & misery - if stuck in the wilderness of “start-up” world (like me) and something goes wrong, a deal falls through, a meeting doesn’t go as a planned or a client doesn’t come on board when you’ve felt in your heart that they would, you can feel like the world is going to end. But, dogs don’t care if you’re having or have had a bad day, they love you and want to play regardless. Every single day. Rain or shine. That commitment to the cause of happiness and joy is something that I envy and would like to reproduce. They bring you right back to reality and then kick-start you back into your journey on to the next day. And then you smash it.


There it is. You heard it here first. Get a dog and become a millionaire.



Alfie Mullan, January 2019

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