Don't push your luck

If you think about the chances of actually being a human alive in 2018, the odds are so ridiculous it’s incredible that it’s even happening. Humans in our current form, have existed for roughly 250,000* years.

*Up for debate, depending on which source you use.

To put that into context, it’s widely believed that the Big Bang, or start of the universe, occurred 13.8 billion years ago.

If you look at the Cosmic Calendar - where the history of the universe is chronologically ordered and that 13.8 billion years is scaled into one calendar year - you’ll see that 250,000 years of our existence is equivalent to a few minutes.

Here are some amazing Cosmic Calendar headliners...

  • 1st Jan - Big Bang (13.8B years ago)
  • 16th March - Milky Way formed (11B years ago)
  • 30th Sept - Photosynthesis (3.4B years ago)
  • 7th Dec - First animals (670M years ago)
  • 30th Dec at 06:24 - Dinosaurs died out (66M years ago)
  • 31st Dec at 23:52 - Humans (sapiens) first arrived (250k years ago)
  • 31st Dec at 23:59:33 - End of the Ice Age (12k years ago)
  • 31st Dec at 23:59:55 - Jesus Christ was born (2k years ago)


I know right… mind BLOWN.

Knowing this and knowing how advanced humans are today, plus all the amazing stuff that we have at our fingertips that we all take for granted, it is safe to say that to merely exist in 2018 is the greatest of all blessings.

In addition, to exist as a human; as opposed to a tree, or a bird (flying would be cool though), a shark, a rabbit, or a dog (I wish I could be a dog), the odds are increased to something like 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/1… this is completely made up, but you get my point.

So just imagine that you’ve already used up all of your fair share of luck, and more, by literally just being here now and reading this. Would you change your view whenever you felt hard done by or damn out of luck? Cos the reality is, you’re literally the luckiest.

Some have come to terms with that and are content with their lot. Others feel they’re still owed an extra portion of luck.

I’ve seen which of these best creates successful entrepreneurs. Here’s a few hints:

  • Don’t push your luck, you’ve had more than your fair share by simply existing.
  • Don’t hang your hat on expecting even more luck, you need to create your own.
  • It is true that some are much luckier than others, so do good to help those who have even a smidgen less.


Alfie Mullan, December 2018

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