This week’s blog is a little bit 'meh' - but it is a question we are regularly asked.

Here are, however, some recommendations for some really cool sh*t in and around Old Street, if ever you're swinging by...

iPhone Fix It - obviously I cracked my iPhone a few weeks ago, as I do circa once a quarter. Anyway, this guy came to my office, took the phone, replaced the screen in less than 15 minutes and didn't charge through the roof for the pleasure. He scours most of London to fix phones so I'd highly recommend him when you (inevitably) drop yours.

Hermanos Coffee - definitely my favourite place to grab a coffee and it’s actually located inside Old Street station. If you get there on a Friday morning at around 8:30am you'll realise just how good the coffee is as around 20 people or so will be queuing outside, eager to get their fix. Verdict - worth the wait. And the name reminds me of Breaking Bad.

Dinarama - technically it is Shoreditch, but it's only a few minutes walk down the road from here. It is a food pop-up place, with 10 or so different food stalls and 2 or 3 bars, which makes for the perfect Thursday evening impromptu beers and food night with pals. You don't have to book a table or wait for someone to serve you, or wait whilst your mate’s new vegan, gluten/lactose intolerant, partner (no offence) dismantles their order to a confused waiter. You just turn up, drink and go off on your own to eat, then come back to drink. It's a food, beer and socialising persons idea of paradise.

Why our office is in Old Street?

This is something we’ve been asked quite a few times. Why Old Street?

Easy really, after uncovering at a chance lunchtime meeting with a top Venture Capitalist firm in Holborn, that there was some young exciting tech entrepreneurs looking to change the world, we knew it was our calling to try and understand their mission, their problems and desires, and then to build a service tailored specifically to them.

We became obsessed with this world and carried out months of market research, interviewing people, remaining curious, asking questions and immersing ourselves in their world.

Old Street, also known as the Silicon Roundabout, is not only the tech start-up hub of London, it’s also the main stage for tech start-ups in Europe. Oh, and if you Google “Financial Planners in Old Street”, there aren’t many around. Seemed eminently sensible.

We intentionally immersed ourselves physically in the heart of where our current and future clients work and hang out. We actually have many wonderful clients from the co-working offices where we reside, literally a stone's throw from Old Street roundabout.

Today, if I’m chatting to someone new at lunch and they ask me what I do, I inevitably end up giggling at the look of dismay on their faces when I tell them that I run a Financial Planning business, helping young business owners with their current and/or imminent wealth and life plans. They look up and down in dismay at my thrown-together attire, scruffy beard and terrible barnet. Then, when they eventually establish that this wannabe hipster is not actually homeless and that I do, in fact, know what I’m talking about, it seems to resonate with them, and they soon recognise that I’m very much what they want from a financial planner. Much more than they might have expected traditionally.

Not that there's anything wrong with anyone else in this game, everyone has their purpose, it’s just that I’ve found my place in this profession, and Old Street and the tech world has found me.


Alfie Mullan, December 2018

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