The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive — Coco Chanel

I think this quote from Gabrielle Chanel - better known as Coco - is bloody brilliant and very relevant.

Looking into Coco Chanel’s life, not only was she an amazing businesswoman and fashion designer, she is also credited with liberating women in the post World War 1 era to wear whatever they wanted.

Crazy to think that not ‘wearing whatever you wanted’ was ever even a thing. Even more crazy that there are some places in the world where this is still the case.

Beyond her immeasurable impact on the business, fashion and social world, this phrase really is remarkable. She’s bang on. The best things in life really are free. To me, those things are your friends and family, your feelings, your emotions, your happiness and your ability to laugh.

Do you know why I think these things really are free? Well, it must be because they’re just so valuable that there is not enough money in the entire world that could possibly buy them. To put a price on the relationship I have with my Dad, for example, I would estimate at least £10 million a day.

To pay for how my three best mates make me laugh with each of their individual, filthy, quick, genius humour, would have to be at least £5 million a day.

At nearly 31 years old, I’d be down £169,725,000,000 already on those four alone.

To pay for how lucky I am to have the future Mrs Mullan by my side every day, and recently even agreeing to marry me… well, actually I do have a price for that and that’s largely thanks to Ms Chanel herself: £100 an effing bottle, even in duty free!

But then, even if I had paid for all those things, would they feel nearly as special to me? Of course not.

Point is, the best things in life are free and aren’t we all so lucky that is the case. My (and Coco’s) other point is that everything else we love and enjoy, like holidays, experiences, nice clothes, good food and wine etc. is all so bloody expensive.

Don’t ever take for granted how lucky you are that the best things in life are free but do always make sure you have enough financial stability to take care of the second best things.


Alfie Mullan, December 2018

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