Money or Time?

What would you rather, more money or more time?

This is a question we put to our clients often. The responses are fairly consistent, but there is often a sense of unease in coming to terms with what the right answer is.

Our view is that we’d rather have more time. Time is the single most valuable resource on the planet. Why? Cos it’s non-renewable; it’s limited and the amount you personally have left is unknown and could be anything from 1 minute to just over 100 years if you’re really lucky (not that I'm aware of any sub 10 year old reading this blog).

So, if you could trade time on the black market, it would undoubtedly be worth a LOT more than money.

The reality is that there is no amount of money in the world that can buy you time. But there is an amount of time that can make you money.

So don’t take time for granted. No one knows how long we have left and time on this planet, as we factually know it, is very short. I would argue that we should all be wanting to run out of money over time, given the choice of the two.

But, when you know the importance of this question and you always know you should choose time, it does kind of make it easier to also make sure you don’t run out of money. Money is still very important and it certainly can make your time on this planet easier.

Making sure you don’t run out of money is difficult, but we coach our clients to never lose sight of the value of their time, whilst making a robust financial plan to make sure they don’t run dry on their money either.


Alfie Mullan, October 2018