The purpose of the Eelah Blog is to provide people with some insight into our views on personal finance and financial planning. We're always trying to answer your specific questions and other, more general things that have come up over recent weeks, to make life easier for you. A few weeks back someone actually asked me, "Why do you do what you do?".

I thought about it for while and then came up with the answer. So, you've guessed it, I knocked it up into a blog, sat on it for a few months - being too scared to chuck it out – but now here it is...

Why I do what I do

I have long referred to our profession as “the best job in the world” and I stand by that. To be able to dedicate your career to making a real difference in people's lives is truly special. To help a person or family uncover what a fulfilled and ideal life really looks like, then ensuring they utilise their financial position effectively in order to actually live that life, is what makes my role as a financial planner the best job ever.

I didn’t get to this privileged position by myself. In fact, far from it. My parents have dedicated their lives to making life great for my brother and I. They perfected the balance of being strict, whilst spoiling us and loving us, yet still knowing when to kick us up the arse. I feel their lessons in early life, and today, have had a huge impact on my ability to do what I do so well.

Then, back in 2015, my mum phoned me as she wanted to have a chat and was going to pop round. I knew something was up. She told me that she had been confirmed as a match to donate a kidney to a close friend’s husband. Dave had been on dialysis for over 10 years, having previously received a kidney in his 40’s, which had subsequently ‘expired’. Life for him and his family was pretty grim.

Obviously, emotions ran high from that day up until the transplant. That day will be one I will never forget. To witness such an amazing gift from someone to simply better someone else's life, was and still is, truly incredible. Words will never explain how we felt that day.

But, what I do know is this. If someone can dedicate their entire lives for the benefit of their kids, to then, at age 54, casually donate a kidney to give a friend a better life, then that really is all the motivation I need to continue to make my parents proud, to enjoy and embrace this remarkably joyous career and life that I have. And to do all I can to positively impact as many other people's lives. Just as my mum has done all her life.


Alfie Mullan, September 2018