“That question is a bit deep”

A client said to me recently “Corrrr that question is a bit deep” when I asked them about their relationship with money when growing up as a kid.

I froze a bit, I hadn’t had someone challenge me with that before, and it threw me. Then I thought, well hang on mate, our relationship with money IS deep. Like proper deep.

Money is one of the biggest causes of anxiety in modern society. Its impact on each of us, every single day, is huge.

It categorises us. It makes and breaks relationships. It creates and loses friends. It hinders or enhances our life experiences. In this capitalist society in which we find ourselves, it basically makes the world go round.

So, yes, if I am ever going to be in a position to help you make smart decisions with your money, I need to know what is of utmost importance to you, financially. I need to get deep to ensure that I never suggest you do something that could have a negative impact on what you really want or what you value.

So, let’s face it, our relationship with money is emotional. That's a fact. When we let it get deep and impact our emotions, we are much more likely to move forward on our financial journey, whatever that may be.

It is no coincidence that the words ‘emotion’ and ‘motion’ are so similar. The presence of emotion, will create motion (moving forward), to both activate and energise behaviour.

If I want to save some money just because I might need it one day, there isn’t much emotion there to move me forward. However, if I want to save money for the benefit of my children’s education so that they can get a good start in life (emotion/deep), then I am more likely to invest this money (motion) and keep it invested for the long term to help ensure my kids have a great future (behaviour).

So, if we’re talking money, we’re going in deep. Proper deep.


Alfie Mullan, August 2018