Culinary suggestions from a Financial Planner…

...Weird right?

But food is great, isn’t it? Eating is basically something you have to do, usually three times a day, every single day, just to survive! The joy food brings to me is immense and so, I am sharing a few amazing places you need to eat, local to the Old Street/Shoreditch area of our office.

You may ask why a Financial Planner is giving you food tips. That is a good question. I don’t really know either. But, jeez, harping on about money saving tips can get boring. These are a few ways you should spend your money, and enjoy it!

Breakfast at Dishoom - top quality Indian restaurant, which is always a pain to get into in the evenings, but if you rock up at 8am for a bacon and egg naan and masala beans, your day will be full of magic. Magic masala beans to be precise.

Every time we go there for breakfast, something amazing happens that same day. Either a new potential client contacts us, or an existing one sends us a touching update on their life planning progress. Going to Dishoom is now basically part of our business development plan. You should make it part of yours too.

Lunch at Kêu Banh Mi Deli - banging Saigon street food actually on Old Street will never let you down. A variety of Vietnamese meats, stuffed in a bread roll with salad and spices brings South East Asian savoury sensation to the lives of many rocking the Silicon Roundabout. Every client we send there for lunch after a morning meeting, usually thanks us for the food suggestion. Not the Financial Planning.

Dinner at Enoteca Super Tuscan - gotta book this place. It’s not very big and usually very busy Wednesday-Friday, but it is basically the best and most original Italian in East London. Don’t expect the classic pizza and pasta; it wipes the floor with pizza dough. This charming little bit of Tuscan life, in the super funky Artillery Passage between Liverpool St & Brick Lane, is a must for any special or random dinner occasion. You will, quite literally, thank me later.

And no, surprisingly I don’t get commission from this. 


Alfie Mullan, August 2018