Our Core Values

plural noun: Core Values

a principle or belief that a person or organisation views as being of central importance.

All the best brands have values – a way of articulating what you believe as a company, what you stand for and what you’re working towards. Values also help you attract others who share what you believe.

So what are Eelah’s?

We have three core values:

Listen first and listen well, without judgement or bias

How many people can say they have someone in their lives that truly does this? Often the people around us have their own agendas (whether they know it or not), but at Eelah, there’s no agenda and no pressure, we’re here to complement your existing network.

We’ve found that when you have someone who listens without judgement or bias, it creates an environment where people can come up with their own thoughts and ideas – and this is just what’s needed when it comes to creating a truly personal financial plan. Plus, who are we to judge?

Focus forward; be kind to your future self

As humans we’re hard wired to seek instant gratification – most of us would rather eat the chocolate cake (or cheese, for you savoury lovers) now than go to the gym. Chocolate cake gives you instant satisfaction; one gym session usually gives the opposite. But, it’s important to strike a balance - to live for now, but for the future too. Eat the cake, then hit a double session in the gym!

That’s what we’re here for. We’ll look out for the future you – making sure that everything’s in place for the financial wellbeing of the 80-year-old you.

Relationships are the most important things in life

This value is based on the belief that if you didn’t have any money or anywhere to live, you’d be ok as long as you had people who cared around you. Our whole business is built on developing strong trusted long-term relationships.

This value has helped us identify who we want to work with – it’s obvious when people don’t share this core value with us.

Your values should shape you and help when making tough decisions

Each one of these values has helped us in this way. For example, with value 2, we make sure that from a business perspective we don’t make short term decisions for a ‘quick win’ – everything we do needs to benefit us and our clients for the long term.

Who knows, these values might evolve going forward, but for now they’re guiding us in the right way.

What are your values? We’d love to know.


Jo Little, July 2018