Inspired by You

We spent our first year meeting with founders and executives of successful tech start-ups. We listened to your concerns, your questions, your stories and your hopes for the future. The result is a financial planning service that is tailored to meet the shared needs of this unique group of people, whilst championing the individuality of each person’s goals.

Whatever the question, we can help you find an answer. We can guide you through the opportunities and challenges you face at different stages of life. Here are some examples of the sort of questions that we help our clients answer. 


Your Business

We know that the most successful entrepreneurs have a passion for their business – a cause beyond the profit – that propels them to succeed. Once success has been achieved in one respect, what next?

A Step into the Unknown

You’ve built a successful business – that might be enough for one lifetime, or you may still have a burning ambition to do it all again from scratch. Maybe it will be just one of many.

You might have hopes and dreams for a completely different life outside of work. We can help you explore all the options, work out what’s really important to you and how you can achieve it. 


Your Wealth

For our clients, wealth means freedom and opportunity; the freedom to say no, and the opportunity to live the life you want. We know how hard you have worked to earn this and how important it is to protect and preserve your wealth.

The True Meaning of Wealth

With the acquisition of sudden wealth comes the burden of what to do with it. How can you best help family and friends without them expecting it? What do you need to think about and look for when buying property? What sort of investments are right for you? Can you invest ethically and if so, are there any drawbacks?

We’ll walk you through your options so that you are in an informed position to make smart decisions with your money. There are many opportunities to do good, enjoy life and realise the potential of the money, rather than just watch it grow. 


Your Family

Priorities change when you have children. We can help you safeguard their future and help you navigate ways you can make sure that your family can cope if you were no longer around.

Planning ahead for education is a priority for many of our clients. How to fund school and university fees, help kids on the property ladder and how to pass on the foundations of good financial planning to the next generation are common queries.

Passing on Values

It can be a tricky balance. You want your children to have opportunities, experiences and a great lifestyle, but you also want them to have energy, drive and a lust for life that comes when you don’t have everything handed to you on a platter. Part of your family values includes understanding the value of money. As your children grow, we can help you pass on these financial values to them.


Your Legacy

Whether you want to leave money in trust for the future generations of your family, become an Angel investor or donate to worthwhile causes, we can help you achieve your objectives.

Changing the World

It’s great to be in a position to change people’s lives for the better, whether that’s your family or the wider community. We can help you find a way of creating a legacy that is meaningful to you.
Together we can bring your philanthropic ambitions to life, from creating the initial idea to seeing it right through, whether you want to be actively involved or just behind the scenes. Either way, we can make sure that your wealth fulfils its potential in a meaningful and long-lasting way.