We truly believe we can make a difference

At Eelah we come to work every day because we truly believe we can make a difference. Our focus is to alleviate any concern or anxiety around personal finances through the process of planning. Our clients are experts in their field and we are in ours.

undefinedA montage of Alfie Mullan and Jo Little founders of Eelah

Our Founders

Jo Little

Jo is a Chartered Financial Planner, a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Registered Life Planner, so she knows her stuff. She has been working in financial planning since 2010 and soon discovered a passion for helping clients unleash the power within their wealth, rather than simply pursuing an ever-increasing bank balance. She oozes calm and can bring straightforward simplicity to the knottiest of financial situations.

Alfie Mullan

Alfie is the Yang to Jo’s Yin (or is it the other way round?). He has been in the business since 2007 and is also a Chartered Financial Planner. He loves a challenge, and has a knack for getting clients to focus on what’s really important, right from the start. Together, Jo and Alfie are a formidable team. 

Our Name

In the jungle of Borneo, lies a small village called Bario. It is home to an indigenous tribe of people - the Kelabits, and this is where Jo's maternal bloodline is descended from.

The word 'Ilah' in the Kelabit language is used to describe ‘wisdom’ or ‘the ability to think and act with knowledge, insight and good judgement’. We loved the meaning behind this, so we created the name Eelah as a variation on Ilah. 

Our Partners

Sometimes, it’s about who you know.

We’ve developed in-depth knowledge around tax planning, investments, pension planning, estate planning and insurance, but we are the first to admit that we don’t know everything. We therefore often turn to, and collaborate with, other experts. We have built a network of professionals who are specialists in their field to enable us to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients efficiently and effectively.

Asset Intelligence

We need to know that our investment process is world class, so we turn to Robert Love and his team at Asset Intelligence to make sure we’re getting the very best guidance. Robert set up Asset Intelligence Research in 2008 having identified the need for a specialist research firm that could deliver high quality independent investment research to independent financial advisers (IFAs).

Robert is an experienced investment specialist; he has headed the investment departments of large IFA companies, dealing with investment policy, process and compliance, fund selection, asset allocation strategy as well as providing consultancy to large corporate pension schemes and private clients.

Visit the Asset Intelligence website by clicking here.

Emery Little

When it comes to depth of experience we know that we can rely on some experts with a proven and lengthy track record.

Emery Little is the Financial Planning firm that nurtured and gave us the platform from which to build our way in this profession. Emery Little is an excellent third generation family business which dates back to the 1970s. We are proud that Emery Little will be our principal firm, providing us with world class compliance assistance, decades of experience and wisdom and a fantastic team with which to collaborate when shaping financial planning for the future.

Visit the Emery Little website by clicking here.

Complaints Procedure

We will always strive to provide a quality service to our clients. If, however, you have a reason to be disappointed in us and wish to make a complaint, naturally we would deal with it effectively and fairly in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA's) complaint handling rules and guidance. Complaints should be directed to the compliance officer at our Principal, Emery Little, as confirmed in our Client Agreement. However, if you are unhappy with the outcome of the review you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk).