How Eelah changed my life

2019 was a challenging year for me and already in 2020 there are big hurdles ahead. My response to this of late, ill-advised though not uncommon has been to disengage from the detail of my finances. I'm an optimist and just don't want to spend my time mapping doomsday scenarios. 

However, I'm also a massive swot so when I had a meeting booked with Alfie in the first week of January , my emotional fragility was superseded by the need to do my homework. I mapped out my 2019 spending on a geekily in-depth spreadsheet and, unsurprisingly it wasn't quite as bad as I had feared. Still less than ideal though.

I went to the meeting with Alfie all ready to go though my findings and by the end of the session hadn't even opened my laptop. Alfie immediately realised there was more on my mind than numbers. What he really wanted to know, and quite clearly what I needed to talk about once I got going, was why I felt like I needed to start plotting contingency scenarios and what were they contingencies for?

By the time we finished talking I almost felt confident again. I could suddenly see a number of routes over and around the hurdles ahead and here was someone saying "we will help you make the numbers work so you can choose the best route."

I'm used to finances being the measuring pile. A marker of when you're doing well and a sand timer when you're on the slide. You're either merrily adding to your stack or desperately trying to cling on to what you've got.

Slowly but surely Alfie is teaching me that rather than being the reward or the penalty for the moves you make, money is part of the mechanism that powers them. Use it, don't fear it. Money powers your life not the other way around.

Based on historical financial planning relationships I guess I expected a meeting of looking at some harsh realities and devising some kind of defence strategy. Maybe at best I'd leave with a feeling that I have more time than I thought to turn things around?

Instead I left with belief. Belief that I am still in control, that nothing is really set and I have good options ahead of me. Most importantly I reconnected not with my finances but with what I need them for. I reconnected with my purpose and that helps me understand which options I need to focus on next.

There's still a way to go but at the end of all that soul searching was a professional person saying "I understand and I can help you with that. " In my current situation this is priceless, yet wondrously also happens to be a very affordable service that I feel very fortunate to have found.

Just think what could happen when I actually open the laptop.

Mr A Client, January 2020