Everything is long term, unless you’re dying

As we start off the new year and the new decade, something I am thinking a lot about is where can we get to in business and in life, by the time 2021 comes around.
The fact we’ve rattled through half of January already, is rather scary. We’re 4% of the way through 2021.
The prospect of what you can (or cannot) achieve in a year is quite daunting. I know that 365 days is a lot, but when you chuck in weekends, holidays, hangovers and days when you just aint feeling it, then the time you have to actually do your very best work, is limited.
For 2020, we have goals and aspirations as a business. But we tend to overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year. In turn, we tend to underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years.
As Gary Vee always says, “Everything is long term, unless you’re dying”. This could not be more relevant for where we are as a business and what we want to achieve.
Is this the same for you?
Roll on 2030…. 2021 will come and go in a heartbeat.

Alfie Mullan, January 2020